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Luminar 2018 v1.3.2.2677 Multilingual (4/11)
« en: 04 de Noviembre de 2018, 04:24:19 am »
Luminar 2018 v1.3.2.2677 Multilingual

Luminar 2018 v1.3.2.2677 Multilingual | Windows x64 | File Size: 383.69 MB

Everything you need to make perfect photos in less time.From vintage to black and white, from instant sky enhancement to magnificent dreamy looks, these photo filters in Luminar will help you make beautiful photos in no time. The best part you do not need to spend time on complex learning. Simply pick the filters and adjust the easy-to-use sliders. Great photography is easy and fun with Luminar.

Innovative Adaptive User Interface
We all like to mess with photos, but we are all different. Some folks want to get results fast in a single click; others prefer to control every change and dive deep into advance photo editing; and still others want to simply make corrections to get rid of the noise or remove an object and look no further. We have built the Luminar User Interface to adjust to your skill level and preferences. Make it look exactly the way you want to access only the tools you need.

Filters, Presets and Workspaces
Everything in Luminar is built for your convenience. Over 35 custom filters help you enhance and change the look of your photos in all possible ways. And the range is impressive from classic Tone & Exposure, to Bi-Color, Photo Filter Emulation, Cross-Processing and dozens of others. Each filter offers a set of precise & easy to use controls, and includes built-in visual tips to help you out.

Presets give you the look you want in a single click. Just pick a category and then find the preset that works best for your photo. If you can not find the right preset, create your own to use and even share them with other Luminar users! You will be very excited about Workspaces. These are like personalized darkrooms that feature only the tools most suitable for your type of photography; they are saved sets of different filters, logically grouped.

Workspaces that come by default include Portrait, Black & White, Landscape and Street. Of course, you can always add new filters to a given Workspace, or even create your personal Workspaces tailored exactly to your needs. Plus, you can even share and import Workspaces by other photographers.

Easy sky replacement
We threw this in to get your creative juices flowing. Adding textures and even skies is just one of many cool tricks you will be able to perform with Luminar. With a ton of tools, layers, blend modes, brushes, masking and more, you get the ultimate freedom to perform complex edits normally done only in Photoshop, with a lot more effort.

Native RAW processing is only a small part
We believe that in the modern world the perfect handling of RAW format should not be something extraordinary. Its a must have for any decent photo software, so with Luminar you can be sure your RAW files will get the necessary pixel perfect treatment. But RAW converter is only a small part of the myriad of the amazing features and tools you will get with the new software.

We would not ship Luminar without a host of excellent technology.
In addition to flawless RAW support, you will get Layers and Custom Textures, Brushes and Masking (including automatic Luminosity, Gradient and Radial Masks), pixel-perfect Noise Reduction, a Healing tool, Crop & Transform, History Panel, Selective Top & Bottom adjustments, plug-in support, and a whole lot more. To make a long story short, it is a truly complete photo editing powerhouse.

Release Notes:
- NEW Faster opening of RAW-files.You can now open raw files much faster thanks to improvements in our RAW engine.
- NEW White Balance Tool. A new White Balance functionality and eyedropper tool have been added to the Raw Develop, Develop, and Color Temperature filters.
- NEW Image History. It is now possible to use the Save History option when saving a file. Additionally, White Balance presets are now displayed in an images history with the presetname when using the RAW Develop, Develop and Color Temperature filters.
- NEW Layer Renaming.For all new layers, you add to a document (except for the original image) you can choose to assign a custom name. Just double-click on a layers name to edit it. This is a great way to organize adjustment and image overlay layers in your project.
- IMPROVED Filter Performance.You can now add or subtract filters more quickly to an image.
- IMPROVED Blending Modes. When you choose a blending mode for an Adjustment or Image Layer, the experience is even easier. Just hover your mouse over a blending mode and it updates in real-time. This is an easy way to simply mouse-over the list to find the perfect blending mode.
- IMPROVED LUT Mapping.You can now easily scroll through your LUTs in the LUT Mapping filter.
- IMPROVED Language Support.Luminar offers seven improved localizations: Chinese, Chinese Simplified, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish.
- NEW Canvas Color.You can now set the Canvas background color to White. Choose View > Background > White to set the working Canvas to White or choose from other shades of gray or black.
- IMPROVED Sharpening.The Sharpening filter is more responsive and accurate. As you adjust the controls all changes are visible in high resolution with real-time feedback.
- NEW DNG Camera Profiles (DCP). Are you looking for truly professional control over your raw files? Then give DNG Camera Profiles a try. Luminar recognizes the industry standard DCP files that you may already have on your computer (or have bought from third parties).
- IMPROVED Batch Processing. Windows users gain the useful Batch Processing improvements. These include the ability to Replace or Skip Files when saving the file with the same name when Batch Processing. Additional options include the ability to create JPEG and TIFF files as well as improved reliability when renaming and numbering files on export.

System Requirements:
- Windows-based hardware PC with mouse or similar input device.
- Direct X 10 compatible Graphics Cards or better.
- Processor Intel Core i3 or better.
- Memory 4 GB RAM or more.
- Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
- Hard disk 2 GB free space, SSD for best performance.
- Display 1280x768 size or better.


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